11 April 2013

The discussion will be led by Rebecca Kummerfield (Art History and Education) and Matt Kennedy (History).

Rebecca’s readings: F W Woodhouse, ‘The History of Art: As illustrated by the Sydney Collections, Part V – Summary and Conclusion’, The New South Wales Educational Gazette, Vol 3, No.12, May 1st 1894. pp. 224-225 (download); E. W. Cole, Cole’s Funny Picture Book No.1, Melbourne: Wilke & Co Ltd. pp.95-99. (download)

Matt’s reading: Miles Taylor, ‘Queen Victoria and India, 1837-61’ Victorian Studies, Volume 46, Number 2, Winter 2004, pp. 264-274. (download) This article is largely based on the pamphlet by Edward Jenkins ‘The Blot on the Queen’s Head,’ a copy of which can be found here:  http://www.archive.org/stream/blotonqueenshead00jenkuoft#page/n1/mode/2up


Discussion will be led by Fariha Shaik (King’s College London), and Laura Olcelli (English, University of Sydney).

Fariha will discuss Michel Foucault’s ‘Of Other Spaces,’ available here: Of Other Spaces

Laura will discuss the 19th-century Italian immigrant Pietro Munari. The reading is Chapter 4 of Homi Bhabha’s The Location of Culture: “Of mimicry and man,” available here: http://ereserve.library.usyd.edu.au/fisher/BhabhaLocation1994Ch4.pdf


We will meet as usual in the Rogers Room from 4 to 6 pm on the following Thursdays:
March 14
April 11
May 2
May 30

Bruce Gardiner (English) has offered several readings, of which Nussbaum and Taylor (download) are the crucial pair.

Phoebe Poon (English) will speak about Nicola Bown’s article “Empty Hands and Precious Pictures” (download), which relates to post-mortem children’s photography and Audrey Linkman’s “Taken from Life” (download) which deals with post-mortem photography more generally.

Alex Hankinson (English) has asked us to read Thomas Erskine’s 1809 speech in the house of peers against cruelty to animals (download). Alex will be discussing some of the ways the text relates to her research, particularly the notion of animals as property.

Mollie Duggins (Art History) will speak on  ‘Zoological Sensations in the Antipodean Album: The Allport Family Scrapbook, Tasmania, 1840s-1870s’ (download). Mollie will be focusing on the Allport scrapbook, a collaborative project among members of the Allport family who arrived in Van Diemen’s Land from England in 1831. It was compiled from the 1840s through the 1870s and features a dynamic combination of photographs, watercolors, newspaper illustrations, and chromolithographs.  Arranged in a series of collage compositions that foreshadow twentieth-century surrealism, representations of zoological specimens are intriguingly juxtaposed in the album with cut-out human figures from contemporary illustrated periodicals. Focusing on the repeated lack of differentiated space between animals and  humans in the Allport scrapbook collages, Mollie will attempt to read these compositions in light of such taxonomic crises and their representation in the popular illustrated press in which they were subsumed in a rich visual tradition of caricature that merged man and animal in both physical form and social behaviour.

For this session Natasha Moore (English, Cambridge) will be speaking to the Aurora Leigh reading (download). Hayley Rudkin (English, Sydney) will be speaking to Mrs Beeton (download), Elizabeth Wilson’s Underbelly (download), and extracts from The Mill on the Floss (download).

As usual we will meet in the Rogers Room, 4–6pm.

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