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Discussion will be led by Fariha Shaik (King’s College London), and Laura Olcelli (English, University of Sydney).

Fariha will discuss Michel Foucault’s ‘Of Other Spaces,’ available here: Of Other Spaces

Laura will discuss the 19th-century Italian immigrant Pietro Munari. The reading is Chapter 4 of Homi Bhabha’s The Location of Culture: “Of mimicry and man,” available here: http://ereserve.library.usyd.edu.au/fisher/BhabhaLocation1994Ch4.pdf



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Bruce Gardiner (English) has offered several readings, of which Nussbaum and Taylor (download) are the crucial pair.

Phoebe Poon (English) will speak about Nicola Bown’s article “Empty Hands and Precious Pictures” (download), which relates to post-mortem children’s photography and Audrey Linkman’s “Taken from Life” (download) which deals with post-mortem photography more generally.

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For this session Natasha Moore (English, Cambridge) will be speaking to the Aurora Leigh reading (download). Hayley Rudkin (English, Sydney) will be speaking to Mrs Beeton (download), Elizabeth Wilson’s Underbelly (download), and extracts from The Mill on the Floss (download).

As usual we will meet in the Rogers Room, 4–6pm.

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The final meeting of the Nineteenth-Century group for this year will focus on the governess.

Cressida Green (English) has sent the two attached readings, from Ellen Wood’s East Lynne (download) and Bronwyn Rivers, Women at Work in the Victorian Novel: The Question of Middle-Class Women’s Employment, 1840-1870. (download).

Rebecca Kummerfield (Art History and Education) has provided a link to:
Kathleen Fennessey, A People Learning: Colonial Victorians and their Public Museums 1860 – 1880, (2007), http://lft.ucc.usyd.edu.au/lft-download.cgi?id=5fba3295a3a968f178773503

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Philippa Janu (Education) will be focusing on the brother-sister relationship as it is manifested in Mansfield Park, Wuthering Heights and The Mill on the Floss. She has sent four short readings for the session:

  1. Jane Austen, Mansfield Park (1814), volume II, chapter vi (download)
  2. Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights (1847), volume II, chapter ix (download)
  3. George Eliot, The Mill on the Floss (1860), volume I, chapter vi (download)
  4. George Eliot, Brother and Sister Sonnets (published 1874, composed 1869) (download)

Atilla Orel (English) will be looking at the sibling relationship depicted in Shelley’s ‘Laon and Cythna’ (download)

As always we will meet from 4 to 6 in the Rogers Room, John Woolley Building. Tea and coffee provided.

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This session is focused around the broad theme of ‘furniture’. David Large (English) will talk about the two Borges pieces (download here and here) and Peter Kirkpatrick (Aust. Lit) will talk about Wild West shows, bush ballads and the Australian legend (download here).

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This session will look at different aspects of travel and representation. Robert Dixon (English) will continue to take a multimedia approach in his presentation, looking primarily at visual material (download reading), while James Drown (History) will focus on physical injury (download reading).

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