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Barbara Caine (History) will speak to and seeks comments on her draft essay on British feminist thought. Download The final version of the essay will appear as a chapter in a forthcoming OXFORD HANDBOOK OF BRITISH PHILOSOPHY IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY edited by W. J. Mander, in a section on ‘Ethical, social and political thought’. It will be preceded by essays on ‘Bentham and James Mill’ and ‘Mill’s utilitarianism’ and will be followed by  a chapter on ‘Marx, Engels and British Socialist thought’.

Phoebe Poon (English) has proposed 3 readings on the issue of ‘surplus’ or redundant’ women in sensation fiction (e.g. unmarried women forced to work for a living, to live in dependence of others, or to engineer mercenary marriages to wealthy men). She describes them as follows:
1) An article by Susan Balee which lays out some of social background, while also focusing on Wilkie Collins’s Woman in White and the assertive ‘surplus’ female character of Marian Holcombe. Download
2) Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s “Good Lady Ducayne” (1896), a short story about a female vampire who preys upon a young ‘redundant’ woman employed as her travel companion. This vampire story was published a year before Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Download
3) Lauren Goodlad’s essay on “Good Lady Ducayne” that demonstrates how the anxiety about the dangers of redundant women extended beyond the 1860s (which is Balee’s focus), and developed a fin-de-siecle urgency in the 1890s. Download


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Sue Johnson will be discussing material on Housing and the Landlady (Octavia Hill, Slum Travellers and Tyneside Housing), and Hayley Rudkin will be leading the reading of material on Hunger and the Crowd (Carlyle and Bronte, Plotz).

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